My art - My passion

Making unique and captivating art is a subtractive process -- it's the job of the artist to remove what is obscuring the beauty that was always there but couldn't be seen.

Medium Agnostic

There's simply too much art to be made

They say if you're a jack of all trades then you're a master of none. I would say that typically this is true. In my case, my diversity of skill is by virtue of the amount of time I've invested in my craft(s). I was born with an indefatigable hunger for art and creating. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it!

“I've tried to focus all of my attention on a single artistic medium, but my inspiration is an unwieldy beast.”


3D character design

From the drawing board to the screen, I specialize in bringing life to 3D creatures.


Photorealistic 3D art

As-real-as-life product renders, landscapes, and virtual worlds.


Musical composition

Working primarily in my home studio, I write and record my original work, spanning genres such as folk, indie rock, world and classical compositions.

3D Character Design

My goal with any 3D character creation is to evoke an emotional response when people see it. I focus heavily on bringing life to the eyes of the character, as well as highly detailed textures on the skin, fur, hair and clothing.

Photorealistic 3D Art

When someone sees one of my 3D renders and says, "that's an awesome photograph", I know I did my job! The secret to hyperrealistic 3D renders is lighting, textures and proportions. The right combination of these three things yields stunning results.

Musical Composition

If someone were to ask, I would say I'm primarily a songwriter and musician. Over the last 10 years I've released multiple LPs, EPs and singles, and I've been fortunate to share the stage with multiple top 40 bands and grammy award winning artists. I've also licensed multiple songs for indie and Hollywood films.

My Art

3D animation of TV Head

I made this video while quarantining in bed with Covid-19. ABC: Always Be Creating.

The music in the video is an original composition as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Original song, Suicide Pact, with stop motion music video

I wrote, performed and recorded this song in my home studio. The music video is 100% stop motion animation, and consists of 10,000 individual photographs. This project took over two months to create, and I'm dying to make another one.

3D animated promo video for Snuggle Buddies

This is a promo video I created using the 3D software, Blender. The Snuggle Buddies experiment was my first venture in the NFT space. Inspired by my three young kids, Snuggle Buddies consists of furry monsters that love to snuggle.

On stage with Grammy award winner, Brandi Carlile

A live, acoustic performance in Seattle, WA. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Raise The Roof benefit, where I shared the stage with Brandie Carlile and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam.

Snuggle Stories Animated Promo

This is a teaser for the upcoming animated Snuggle Stories. Animated by Dino Belli, narrated by the one and only Jelly.