Dino Belli

3D Art, Animation, Lighting, Design

Hey there, I'm Dino Belli

Thanks for dropping by. I'm a 3D artist, multi-instrumentalist, stop motion animator, and singer-songwriter based out of West Virginia. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it :)

My work

Always creating

Whether it's the furry, whimsical creatures in my personal NFT project, Snuggle Buddies, photo-realistic renders for products and brands, scoring films or releasing my own LP's, I put my heart into my work. Learn more about my creative process and artistic journey...


3D character design

From the drawing board to the screen, I specialize in bringing life to 3D creatures.


Photorealistic 3D art

As-real-as-life product renders, landscapes, and virtual worlds.


3D Lighting

Highly specialized in dramatic scene, character and environmental lighting.

3D Animation Reel